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Lithium Ion Batteries

18volt makita battery

All modern Makita Lithium Ion batteries have a chip in them, which tells the charger how to charge it.
All modern Makita chargers are set up to use the chips.

In other words, chuck the battery in the charger and it will get exactly the right charge applied. Thats why there are no real instructions!  

The charger will also analyse the battery and do what is needed (and what it can) to ‘regenerate/fix’ the battery if it sees a drama.
You don’t need to do anything as the charger will do it for you.

Most premium brands have this sort of set up, Makita differ in having the chip in the battery rather than having ‘a sensor in the battery and the chip in the charger’.

no special charging required first go (actually, the charger will just sort that out for you).

The lights on the front are really just ‘comforter’ lights… charging, charged, stuffed and hot (hot – means that the charger will run a fan and wait till the battery is cool enough to charge).

Only thing with the kit is the 3 speed drill… highest speed is for light duty only (like thin drill bits or light screws into sheet metal). Use the low and medium settings for heavy duty like tek screws into roofing iron and larger drill bits.

Use and abuse – Li-Ions don’t like heat and dropping them, so try not to flog them when it is very hot, and keep a good hold of them.

Be a good idea to mark one battery and chuck it in the fridge or freezer every few months… see if it makes a difference.
Take you a few years to find out though, and the technology might have changed by then.
Hope that puts your mind at ease… I reckon Makita have got to a good place with their Li-Ions, a pretty good system which removes the stuffing around.