Milwaukee Electric Tool began in 1924 around the design of making the world’s first affordable, compact hand drill. Milwaukee Tools introduced the Hole-Shooter in 1924 with great success and their next big invention was the world’s first powered hacksaw known worldwide as theĀ Milwaukee Sawzall. Originally designed to be used by plumbers to cut piping, the Sawzall eventually found its place in every area of the building trade. With the knowledge gained from the success of the Sawzall, Milwaukee continued to create innovative tools with more power and higher efficiency. Today, Milwaukee’s product development team focuses on quality, speed to market and commitment to research and development. This commitment shines through in their ground-breaking new M12 and M18 Cordless Lithium Ion tools. These tools can run longer than ever before while still having the power needed to get the most difficult jobs done. Milwaukee Tools offers a wide range of corded and cordless options, including drills, saws, sanders, and air nailers, just to name a few. Still recognized as one of the finest manufacturers in the business, and with a continuing focus on building tough, heavy duty tools, Milwaukee will continue to prosper for years to come

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